Start Up Cost & Monthly Expense

OK, let’s talk Money!

If you take this path what financial commitment are you getting yourself into?

Initial Start Up

Business license $200-$500

Domain name $0-$20

Logo $5-$20

Website & hosting $100-$2500

Explainer video $0-$300

Cleaner Contract $0-$500



Estimate range is mainly based on if you do these things yourself or if you hire out the job to an expert. I recommend at the beginning, do it yourself. You can always upgrade when you see some cash flow coming in.

Monthly Expense

Job posts for cleaners $50-$150

Scheduling software $50-$300

Phone line $20-$50

Email service $5-$10

Bank Fees $0-$20

Bookkeeping Software $0-$25

Payroll Service $0-$100



Many software start at the lower end price point and grow as your business volume grows.

Office (-$600)-$1000

If your have at at home office, that's a tax write off. I don't recommend renting an office, especially during your early stages. Simply rent an office by the hour to conduct your interviews in a professional setting. Besides that, there is no need for an outside office.

We are not counting variable costs like cleaners fees and credit card processing fees because you only have those in porportion to how much revenue you make so that doesn’t matter here. I also believe that is for marketing too, stick to the free methods until you get some $$ and some 5 star reviews

Annual Expense

General Liability Insurance $500-$800

Business entity tax $800

Account tax filing fees $500-$1000

Future expenses

Subscription to email marketing software 

Automation integration software

Diem’s automations course

Marketing expense like yelp, SEO etc

Expected Income

I earn a healthy 20% take home pay between my paycheck to myself and my profit earnings, after all expenses are paid. Because your fixed expenses are so low you can expect to achieve the 20% profit margin even very early on. 

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