About the Instructor: Diem's Story

About Diem & The WHY

I went from Bankruptcy to 6 Figures in 4 years using the Referral Agency business model. I’m 34 years old, I only work about 4 hours a week from home or anywhere in the world and this is my story.

1986 Born in Vietnam, lived in a hut w/o plumbing or electricity

1992 Immigrated to the united states when I was 6. We lived-in low-income housing, which was a hug upgrade!

2009 During college worked for the largest house cleaning in the US doing sales

Most of the cleaners didn’t speak English and they were underpaid and didn’t know it

One lady came in asking for work and he asked her how many kids she had

He didn’t hire her because she had too many kids

I was taking human resources at the time and challenged him on that

He said if she was a gringo, he would have never asked her that question

A few weeks later I quite

I was so inspired to open my own cleaning company , offering working women in this industry a dignified place to work.

2011 I opened my first business, a house cleaning company

I was riding high and feeling so proud of the company and work culture I had build

I was great at marketing, sales and building systems but not yet developed in financial planning

I accrued debt from the startup costs and my living expenses to the tune of $60 or $70 K ...something like that.

2014 I filed for bankruptcy and cleared all unsecured debt I had

No assets to lose because I was still making pennies

BUT I had my business still and it was growing. 

Spring 2015 (22 workers, 265 ongoing clients, 8 company cars, a big office with a big sign to let everyone know how legit my company was)

Yet, I was earning less than some of my cleaners still

 A worker’s comp claim went through and pushed the premium up to $123k at renewal

I HAD to make a change, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dreams

So, I closed my cleaning company within 2 months before that policy expired and opened a cleaning referral agency. And it has literally changed my life trajectory ever since

Marketing, sales and building systems… I was able to pay cleaners way more, they had freedom to make their own schedules and pick their kids up from school, as many kids as they wanted, they got to focus on their core skills without worrying how they’ll get the next job, and because they get a 1099 at the end of the year through my agency I believe they are contributing more taxes than they would if they only had private clients and that makes me feel good all around. 

2016 I bought my first home

2018 I refined my systems and hired 2 part time vas I was working 4 hours making 6 figures

2019 I bought my 2nd home 

Today at age 34 I am set to be completely financially independent by next year. This business allowed me the financial ability to earn and save money, it allowed me the free time to learn and invest my money into real estate and other business ventures, and ultimately allowing me to live the life of my dreams...so distant from that hut I once called home.

This business model has completely changed the trajectory of my life and I don’t want to systems I’ve created in order to support this lifestyle to go to waste on just my one itty bitty business. That’s where this course comes in. 

I hope it can do for you what it did for me, much sooner and faster with fewer mistakes along the way.

Disclaimer: Diem Tran is not an attorney and the content of her videos, testimonials and other content from cleaningcashflow.com is not legal advice. Content on this site and all downloadable documents are based on her working experience and materials similar to what she used in her business. Although the information is presented in good faith, it is not to be relied upon for, or construed as, legal advice.

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