Referral Agency vs. Cleaning Company

I think there is a little confusion out there about the differences between a cleaning company with employees and a cleaning referral agency (or a domestic referral agency in CA) with independent contractors. I talk to business owners who identify as one of the two, and after talking to them I realize they are actually the other!

The first main difference is the type of worker each entity works with. However, that has a trickle down effect to creating huge differences in methods of operation, marketing approach and services offered to customers. 

 Here's a breakdown of the differences between a house cleaning company and a cleaning referral agency (domestic referral agency).

 Keep in mind there are companies out there using Independent Contractors in a more incognito way. I would be cautious taking advice from them. Just because other people do something, doesn't mean it's the right way to do it and that you should too.

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