Types of Software Needed to Run a Referral Agency Efficiently

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You can use any software you choose but you’ll want ones that meet the needs that these software below will deliver. If you choose to go with these software, that I also use in my own agency, I offer a automation system that you can purchase with a discount code in the links. This means that you can take advantage of my automation systems that I have already created rather than setting it up yourself. It wills save you about 30-40 hours of time, plus testing for accuracy and mental capacity, and 45 pre-written emails… and that’s totally up to you if you want to do that or not.

TIP I do recommend paying by the month even if it’s more expensive until you’ve been in business for a while and are certain that you can afford annual pay and that you would commit to using it all year long

TIP: Keep all your receipts to write off expenses for your business. Once your accounts are up and running, it’s easier to keep tally but for now, anything you pay outside of the business accounts be sure to save and tally that as a owner equity.

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Sign up for all the softwares that you'll need to start your business.

Don't sign up for ones you can wait to start as your business grows.

Use smaller packages at first whenever possible to save money.

If they have a free trial, then consider waiting until you'r about ready to use it. Don't forget to account for learning/training time. All software have their own training videos or tutorials.

Here is a list of software to consider:

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